Security controls is expected to grow at the CAGR of more than 45% in next 5 years:


Increasing thefts, growing number of people in the upper middle class segment, price reduction in the automation, flexibility of adding features according to the customers need and government supporting Intelligent Building Management System are some of the driving factor for the home automation market in India in the coming years.

According to recently published report of Stats and Reports “India Home Automation Market Overview” Lighting accounted for the maximum share of 60% in 2014. Lighting is followed by security products which include CCTV camera, integrating video surveillance, access control, wireless door locks, and back-up communication devices for a secure property that's accessible from a tablet or smartphone. Access controls include products like card readers, door stations, door locks. Demand for life safety and security home automation systems is attributed to growing need for remote home monitoring solutions and increasing risk of criminal activities such as theft and robbery.
Home automation is a new concept in India with only high-end segment of the people showing interest to. End user wise, residential, commercial and hospitality are the segments using home automation in India. Hospitality segment dominates the market in terms of value which is expected to grow at lower growth rate. However, the rapid growth is expected in the organized residential market due to retro fit devices. Commercial institutes and offices are the all time end users as access controls are a must in such places.

The Video Surveillance System allows you to have a watch as you desire. The automated alerts on SMS/Alarms can keep you in touch with the home for better safety. Employee thefts, visitor thefts, threats against patients or staff, crimes of opportunity, hospital reputation – security automation is the most effective solution to such emergencies. Home automation integrates all the devices in the house and gives its access to a single control pad which allows energy efficiency and ease to the people residing. Energy management is one of the most important factor which deals with home automation and countries like india is expected to grow rapidly in this category. Automating your house leads with 60- 65% of energy savings of the house.

Thefts, burglary, information insecurity are some of the major factors affecting the people living in India. Having an eye on your apartment even when you are on a foreign tour is one of the most advantageous factor that will act as catalyst to the growth of the home automation market in India.